Mobile Science Laboratory visited Village Barna, Block Thanesar in district Kurukshetra on January 03, 2019. People were invited by visiting their homes and by making announcements through PA system to join the program. Initially, a short clip on a 12 years old girl from Haryana so called Magic Girl, Jhanvi, who can speak 8 languages of different countries in their accent was screened as a motivational video. Later, videos on Solar & Lunar Eclipse by Vigyan Prasar were projected. Children were the most excited to join the event. As an interface to space knowledge, a video on “How Life goes in Space” recorded by Sunita Williams during her space visit was also shown to the people. Many people including Bhagwan Das, Rajender Kumar, Pala Ram, Raj Kumar, Satpal, Ram Diya, Mangat Ram, Darbara Singh, Suresh Kumar etc. were present.