Supported by Directorate of Secondary Education, Haryana

Prerna – Summer Schools in Science & Mathematics

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  • Mentors from IITs, NITs, Central Universities & other top institutions

  • Selection of Students through Screening Tests

  • Emphasis on teaching and learning the principles of science and mathematics

  • Focus on experiment-based learning

  • Mobile Science Laboratory – Circus of Science

  • Problem Solving & Doubt Clearing Sessions

  • Career Counseling Sessions

While working with the schools, the society had noticed considerable gap in the quality of and access to science and mathematics education. Students are generally scared of science subjects, notably Physics. The gap exists between private and government schools. Even in private schools, especially in small towns and villages, quality is a major issue. The quality of private tuition too differs between urban and rural areas. Lack of understanding of basic principles of sciences and their applications are the main reasons for poor state of science education.To promote the science education in a systematic manner, the SPSTI decided to make a modest intervention during 2011 by holding a summer school of four weeks’ duration in science and mathematics for girl students of classes XII at Kurukshetra. More than 50 girls attended the School. The focus was on improving their conceptual base in science subjects so that they can do better in XII level Board examinations and get admissions in good institutions for undergraduate courses. The school was totally free for the students. The Summer School resulted in better performance in Board examination and general personality development.Encouraged by the outcomes of the Summer School, we started expanding the scope of summer schools. Firstly, all schools were open to both girls as well as boys. Secondly, the summer schools also started catering to the students of classes IX to XII. Thirdly, summer schools were held at a larger number of locations.The unique feature of the summer camps since 2014 Summer Schools has been and continues to be is that the students of the prestigious institutes of national importance (IITs, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Mohali, Panjab University, Central Universities, St. Stephen’s College) are engaged as interns to teach and mentor the students attending the Summer Schools. The model has proved to be successful and was appreciated both by the students and the interns/mentors. It also provided a unique opportunity to them to appreciate the ground realities of our country and make a small contribution to the nation building. The school students also develop confidence that they can also reach good institutions with hard work and proper planning.