As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, mathematics provides its models and tools to help us understand, monitor, and control the spread of the virus. It is also used to create weather forecasts and prepare for natural disasters. It warns us of climate change and helps us to anticipate and mitigate its consequences.
Mathematics is central to the efficient organization of societies for the benefit of all citizens. It optimizes transportation and communication networks and enables smart planning and management of health, economic, and social systems. Science and mathematics have a crucial role in steering decisions to promote peace and social justice.

The Society for Promotion of Science & Technology in India (SPSTI), a not-for-profit registered society engaged in popularization of science amongst students and youth, announces a National Level Online Mathematics Poster Contest in association with the Chandigarh chapter of National Academy of Sciences, India.
The event is being organized as a part of the celebration of International Day of Mathematics – 2021 (March 14th ) and is supported by the Haryana State Council for Science Innovation & Technology.

Theme – “Mathematics for a Better World”

Rules for the Competition:

(a) The contest is open for students of classes 8 – 12, students of Colleges, Universities and Research Scholars.
(b) The poster should be directly related to the title.
(c) The poster is expected to be not only a painting but rather in an infographic format.
(d) Poster may be prepared on A4 size that may be easily and properly scanned.
(e) The last day for the entries is March 23, 2021.
(f) Prizes: First (Rs. 1500), Second (Rs. 1100) and Third (Rs. 800) along with Certificates of Merit in all categories separately.

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