This was the first Popular Lecture organized by the Society on ‘Brains, Computers and Intelligent Machines’ delivered by renowned US based Indian neuro-scientist Prof. Mriganka Sur, FRS, MIT, Cambridge, USA, on August 24, 2011 at the Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh. The lectures received an overwhelming response from the students and the teachers of the schools and colleges of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

Prof. Sur while addressing more than 900 students and faculty explained that human beings have the capability of turning dreams into reality. There are activities of human brain which seem beyond the realm of artificial intelligence of computers. He said computers could perform many things in a better way but even then it could not outperform a human brain. The science and technology had revolutionized our lives and computer had definitely been the greatest discovery by the human beings. He urged the students to utilize their capabilities in a positive direction to help the country achieve economic growth. The artificial intelligence of computer combined with the natural intelligence of human brain could also greatly helps in the development of the country, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sharma said that the use of science and technology was definitely needed for achieving overall development. Science and technology have naye tremendous progress in the karty few centuries and no aspect of human life had remained untouched by it. One of the best examples of development through scientific way was the development of City beautiful. There was urgent need to ensure that knowledge and power gained through science was used fir constructive purposes. Using their natural wisdom and also of science and technology could beet made to build a glorious future for the human race.

In his welcome address, Mr. Dharam Vir said that the study of brain was highly challenging as it requires investigation at a very small scale. Lauding the works of Prof. Sur, he said that he took up this challenge and had been engaged for over three and a half decades in studying the brain by using tools of technology, computer science, mathematics, biology and physical sciences. Prof. Sur had made monumental and pioneering contributions towards the understanding of brain. He was credited with the discovery of the factors for certain brain disorders and has developed strategies to deal with them. He was an international authority on neuroscience and thus, the most appropriate person to speak on the subject. On a personal note, he said that they were contemporaries at IIT Kanpur and interacted with each other on several issues.

Mr. Ajit M. Sharan, Financial Commissioner & Principal Secretary, Haryana along with eminent Scientists, Professors and dignitaries was also present on the occasion.

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