The Mobile Science Laboratory – Circus of Science – Vigyan Ka Jantar Mantar visited rural areas in district Kurukshetra to interact with villagers and conducted motivational audio-visual sessions on various themes of Social importance. The lab visited in the evenings and screened movies and films on water conservation, organic farming, women empowerment, science and technology and many others. High quality telescopes were also employed to look at the moon and other planets under the program Sky Watch – सितारों से मुलाक़ात

Below are the details of the Villages visited:

  1. January 01, 2020, Village Sirsama
  2. January 02, 2020, Village Ramgarh
  3. January 03, 2020, Village Mathana
  4. January 04, 2020, Village Dhantori
  5. January 10, 2020, Village Sharifgarh
  6. January 11, 2020, Village Morthala
  7. January 15, 2020, Village Pratapgarh
  8. January 17, 2020, Village Sirsala
  9. January 18, 2020, Village Khanpur Jattan

Villagers watching movie on Water Conservation at Village Mathana

Children Watching at the Surface of Moon with Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope