The novel Coronavirus has created the huge stir all over the globe since November, 2019. Spreading out from Wuhan in China, it has gained notoriety as COVID-19. It is the need of the hour to spread awareness about its prevention and containment as there is no cure of date.
Society for Promotion of Science & Technology in India (SPSTI) organized an awareness lecture on Coronavirus at Tribune Model School, Sector-28, Chandigarh on Wednesday. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. S.K. Jindal, Former Head, Department of Pulmonary Diseases, PGIMER, Chandigarh.
Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals like camels, cattle, cats and bats, etc. Most people infected with COVID-19 virus have mild disease and recover. This is one of the few viruses which have spread from animals to people and then people to people, like those causing SARS and MERS.
Prof. Jindal, while addressing the faculty of the school highlighted that where 80% of laboratory confirmed patients have had mild to moderate disease which includes non-pneumonia and pneumonia cases, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died in contrast to the seasonal flu that kills far less than 1% of those infected. “While people around the world may have built up immunity to the flu over time, the novelty of the coronavirus means no one yet has immunity and more people are susceptible to infection”, he added. The signs and symptoms can range from no symptoms (asymptomatic) to severe pneumonia.
Prof. Jindal talked about samples to test, laboratory diagnosis, face masks, risk assessment, transmission & susceptibility, treatment and prevention & control measures.
Prof. Keya Dharamvir, General Secretary, SPSTI said that the Society would be holding more of such awareness lectures in tricity in the coming days. At the conclusion of the lecture, Ms. Vandana Saxena, Principal of the School paid a vote of thanks to the speaker.

SPSTI conducted an #Awareness_Lecture_on_Coronavirus at Tribune Model School, Chandigarh yesterday(04.03.2020). The…

Posted by Society for Promotion of Science & Technology in India (SPSTI) on Wednesday, March 4, 2020