To generate interest and curiosity about astronomical objects and in science, the Society for Promotion of Science and Technology in India (SPSTI) conducted an event on October 28, 2018 (Sunday) in the Rose Garden of Chandigarh by the name “Sky Watch – सितारों से मुलाकात “. It was the second program conducted by the Society in Rose Garden. Earlier, on January 31, the Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse was shown to people through the telescopes at the same place. The event was supported by the Department of Science & Technology, Chandigarh Administration. The experts were Professor J. S. Bagla of Indian Institute of Science and Technology Mohali (IISERM) and Professor Keya Dharamvir, formerly of Panjab University and General Secretary, SPSTI. They were assisted by six research scholars namely, Ankit, Avinash, Ranbir, Ashish, Manvendra and Juhi of IISERM and Narinder and Anuj, MSc students of Panjab University. Shri Dharam Vir, President and Shri M. L. Garg, Director of the SPSTI coordinated the event. The SPSTI had installed four telescopes and one binocular in the Rose Garden of Chandigarh for the public to view moon and a few planets of our solar system. Three telescopes were arranged by Professor J. S. Bagla and the rest by the SPSTI. More than 400 persons, mostly children viewed the moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter with considerable excitement. The SPSTIU had also displayed solar system and explained the movement of the planets and the moon. In addition, plasma balls, solar toys, piezoelectric balls etc. were also deployed for the children to learn more about solar system and how day and night occurs. Shri Dharam Vir, former Chief Secretary, Haryana and President, SPSTI, interacted with a large number of children and others and obtained their feedback. There was a general view that such events should take place more often. Describing the mission of the society to reporters from Dainik Bhaskar, he said that it was very necessary to create awareness about science to eradicate superstitions amongst the public. Shri M.L. Garg, a retired Superintending Engineer from the Punjab Government, and Director, SPSTI, also participated the event and encouraged facilitated the public to view the sky. The Manager of the Society, Anuj Goel and Coordinator, Mahi Paul Sharma also interacted with the children and the people present there and recorded video conversations. A few photographs of the event are attached. The President, SPSTI also announced that skywatch would be organized more often in Chandigarh at different locations.