Speaker: Prof. R. P. Sapru, Eminent Cardiologist and Ex-PGI Faculty

Date and Time: November 19, (Saturday), 10:30 AM

Venue: Seminar Room, Department of Physics, Panjab University, Sector 14 Campus, Chandigarh

Abstract: Life comes to us as an unsolicited gift from nature. No one ever asked to be born!
Further, life comes but only once; never to be repeated. The gift of life comes wrapped in a body which is the most complex marvel of engineering. It is worthy of note that much of the knowledge about the working of the human body has been put together only in the last couple of centuries. In spite of commendable progress it has not been possible to unravel all the mysteries of the human body so far. Further, the current rage of engineering technology, “nanotechnology” as it is called, is inspired by information gained from complex biological systems that already exist in nature!

Until recently, because of lack of knowledge regarding the intricate functioning of the human body, there has been a cynical disregard towards own health. The holding perception has been to let the body take care of itself; even while subjecting it to abuse, often unknowingly but at times even knowingly. In the event of a visible breakdown individuals reach out to doctors for help; sometimes too late.

In the course of research seeking to find cure or alleviation of disease, it has become increasingly obvious that outcomes would be far better if disease could be prevented altogether or, at least, delayed. Considerable evidence has accrued to suggest that proactive engagement in promoting good health pays rich dividends for the individual, the family, the community as well as all of humankind. Individual productivity is increased and people live happier lives. Fortunately, many of the strategic components for this purpose are now known and more are likely to come to light in the future. Therefore, it is time that each one of us starts to own responsibility for our own health. Admittedly, that is no mean task, considering the prevailing attitude towards our health, but that is where the future beckons. Now is not soon enough. So let us resolve to get going, one and all.

Profile of Prof. R. P. Sapru: Prof. Sapru is a renowned practicing cardiologist. He retired as the Head of the Department of Cardiology at the PGIMER Chandigarh. Having spent his life looking after patients, he has gained huge insight into various aspects of human behaviour. Teaching a large number of young professionals has added to that experience. Besides medicine, he is deeply interested in understanding the ingredients of human happiness as well as a stable social order.