Outreach Activities in Mewat

Outreach Activities in Mewat2020-05-02T14:25:20+05:30

Mobile Science Laboratory in Nuh – Mewat (Haryana)

Mewat is an aspirational district in Haryana as declared by the Government of India and has an area of 1507 square kilometers witha total population of 10,89,406. It is bounded by Gurgaon district on the north, Rewari district on the west and Faridabad and Palwal districts on the east. It is predominantly populated by the Meos, who are agriculturalists, and Muslims.
Mobile Science Laboratory is sanctioned by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India to visit in the schools of district Mewat. Apart from visiting during the Summer Schools, the lab visited twice during the year 2019-20. Nine Senior Secondary Schools were visited interacting with about 3300 students. Open Exhibitions were also conducted for the public in general to create awareness about the science.

Click here to view the list of Schools visited in Nuh – Mewat

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