Society for Promotion of Science & Technology in India (SPSTI) has a variety of scientific equipment and apparatus for the students to perform hands on experiments. The Mobile Science Laboratory is fully equipped with experiments related to physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, electricity, electronics, etc.


Equipments in Physics Laboratory:

Telescopes of different powers and range, binoculars, kaleidoscopes, periscopes, dynamometers, range of magnets, gyroscopes, equipments for performing experiments of laws of Newton, laws of reflection, laws of Faraday, Lenz’s law model, Lasers, Van De Graf generator for static electricity, Wilmshurst Machine, range of lenses and mirrors, equipments for performing experiments of Right-Hand Thumb rule and Left-Hand Thumb rules, eddy currents, laws of buoyancy, experiments related to pressure and forces.

Equipments in Chemistry Laboratory:

All types of chemicals, thermometers, lactometers, alcohol meters, TDS meters, measuring cylinders, conical flasks, test tubes, beakers of different capacity, spatulas, filter papers, sand paper, safety gloves, safety glasses, masks, lab coats.

Biology Lab.

Microscopes, slide preparation material and chemicals, microscope camera, different types of mineral ores, laboratory charts, human torso, models of eye, ear, kidney, heart, flower, earth, sun etc.

Audio-Visual Facility:

Laptops, audio-visual projector, range of motivational & movies of scientific interest.