Evening Community Interaction Programs

During the winter break of the schools, the Society utilizes the Mobile Science Laboratory, to conduct evening programs named as “Prayas” in the villages by screening videos on relevant themes involving science & technology, such as water conservation, women empowerment, health, solar system, forest etc.

  1. During the year 2016-17, the lab visited 10 villages in district Karnal to conduct evening community interaction programs.
  2. During December, 2019, the lab visited fourteen villages in district Kurukshetra and interacted with more than twelve hundred people including children, adults and senior citizens.
  3. During the month of November, 2019, the lab visited in district Nuh-Mewat and conducted two community programs there. Click here for details.
  4. During January, 2020, the lab visited nine villages in Thanesar block and interacted with more than five-hundred persons. Click here for details.

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